PANNELLI3DThe mounting system is based on an aluminium section bar which is totally part of the PVC or HPL panel. This way no elements are shown and panels can be perfectly paired up. You simply need to insert an element “Z” into the bar, take the panel and hook one after the other, no tools required.


Our panels can also be suitable for no flat surfaces. The “sandwich” composition creates density and makes it possible to hang any kind of objects; lights, paintings, graphics on “Forex” etc. The key point of these panels is the easy change of the finishing after the use.
You can go from a coloured surface to another without changing the panel. You can have a neutral panel and then cover the same with a wooden-style finishing o whatever other style you prefer, you choose!
The highest standard is to decorate walls with digital pictures directly printed on the panel, then remove them and reuse the panel as if it was brand new. Any upgrade will make your panel everlasting and never old-fashioned.