PVC and HPL walls at high density. Easy-to-use and high quality finishings, that’s what makes Exhibition system unique. All the walls can be made with the range of Pantone. with texture and decorations from our wide range or varnished.


Any of the glossy or opaque colours in the Pantone® range can be reproduced to colour our Panels.


The Exhibition system Texture are the flagship of our panels. We currently have a very wide range of finishings e.g. wooden-style, carbon in many colours, metals like gold or silver copper and so on. As for leathers, we have “mamba”, “calf”, “zebra-striped etc. In association with 3M® and other similar companies, we can achieve high quality and safety standards for every product.


Customization nowadays is 90% of Exhibition system panel production. We can now produce entire images on walls and digital graphics for the whole size of the panel through the digital print in quadrichromy. So many ideas could be developed, for example the catalogue of your company or an advertisement could be reproduced on 4 meter high walls.
All the panels are ready to be used, they don’t require any special tool to be mounted, just one or two people to organize hundreds of square metres in few minutes. Thanks to the hook system, panels have never been so safe and easy-to-assemble