Our long experience in the Design industry led us to create a very unique divider and panel system. Thanks to an exclusive, certified and internationally patented system, Exhibition system can now produce standard or out-of-standard high walls. Exhibition system’s exhibition panels are totally suitable for interior design as we created them to be versatile and fit exhibition centres as well as showrooms, open space structures, shops in general and gala events. Additionally, our soundproof, waterproof and fire-resistant panels make the Exhibition system range of products suitable for boat cabins too. We can easily create any kinds of finishings, from laminated wood, golden effect, glossy or opaque metals to digital graphic drawings, all providing a high visual impact. Ideas and imagination have no limits with us.



Being so easy-to-mount and dismount, simple in their structure, safe and versatile, Exhibition system’s panels become the ideal innovative solution for stand and exhibition design.



The wide range of colours and finishings such as wood shades, pearly colours or stony effects, plaster, laminates, leathers, metals make our panels luxury furnishings for showrooms, shops, event centres and so on.



Given the special features, Exhibition system panels are certified by the Italian Minister and are compliant to the European standards of class 1, therefore totally fire-resistant and ideal for any kinds of boats.